In June 2018, a group of friends founded Cajh at a local skate park in Antioch, California. The name, an acronym for "Caterpillars Are Just Hungry," reflected their drive to create and grow. Cajh quickly became the heart of Antioch's skate culture, built on a community of local skaters and artists.

Cajh became synonymous with the city's skateboarding scene, attracting skaters, punks, and hip-hop enthusiasts who were all hungry for something new. Cajh became a local institution known for its quality, style, and authenticity.

In just over five years, Cajh transformed from a small-town skate idea into a global brand. Through collaborations with artists, musicians, and designers, it continually pushed boundaries and defined its unique identity. Like caterpillars turning into butterflies, Cajh evolved into a significant force in skate culture.